Emotional Roller Coasters

Having had intense anxiety my entire life - I can remember feeling anxious throughout much of childhood - has honestly held me back from being the best I could have been, but it has also taught me a lot about myself. Along with anxiety, I have experienced intense depression. My depression has admittedly been bad… Continue reading Emotional Roller Coasters

My Type

Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, provides prompts each week inspiring bloggers to create lists based on the week's topic. This Tuesday's prompt, submitted by Hannah, curator of Books, Life and Other Oddities, is to identify character traits beloved by each participant. I love a good villain! DEVIOUSNESS is definitely… Continue reading My Type

Views from the Stand

I was a lifeguard for six summers back in the day. My lifeguard training class was very competitive and awesome; I learned the perfect way to swim freestyle, thanks to our wonderfully hilarious and tough instructor, Cheri, may God rest her soul. Being a lifeguard made my summers throughout high school and some of college;… Continue reading Views from the Stand

The Night Circus

Just as I anticipated, The Night Circus was my favorite read of 2017. Yes, I read this beautiful book over two years ago - putting my feelings about this story into words has definitely proven difficult. So, I decided to open my heart and let the words flow at last! What I Expected Somehow, I… Continue reading The Night Circus

Say it, Don’t Spray it

Since I'm doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge, during which I've dared myself to post EVERY day in October, I decided to make today's post simple - for me to write! LOL! Here, I'll be listing my all-time favorite bookish quotes! I'm excited to have fun on PicMonkey in order to make the quotes I choose… Continue reading Say it, Don’t Spray it

Blogging in October

Hey, y'all! This month, I'm participating in my first ever Ultimate Blog Challenge, during which I shall - attempt - to post EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout October! I'm really excited about this challenge, as I need a push to post much more often! I'm really looking forward to the free training that's happening this afternoon… Continue reading Blogging in October