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Large Library

Welcome to the first installment – on this particular blog of mine – of WWW Wednesday, hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words! The rules for this meme are simple – bloggers and readers are to list what they’re currently reading, what they’ve just completed, and what they’re planning to read next, hence the three W’s!

Currently Reading

I’ve got a bunch – six to be exact – books listed as currently reading on Goodreads right now! The first is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring, which I began reading over a year ago! While I’m enjoying the first installment in the Lord of the Rings series, I’ve put it on the back burner in favor of other books for challenges, etc.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is the next book on my list. Although I’ve only made it through 2% of the book – LOL – I’m already sucked in and know I’ll love the whole story.

Rothfuss’ work has come highly recommended and I love his writing style!

I’m looking forward to being able to get back to this behemoth, which will probably be in early 2020 to start the year off fresh, but hopefully, I’ll be well beyond 2% by then!

Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines is my third currently reading – and I use that term loosely – book on my list.

Thus far, I’m loving this story. I would be finished with it by now; however, I had it as a loan from the library and it got sucked back into the stacks before I could continue.

So, I’m waiting for the first installment of The Field Party series to show back up in my active loans list!

Origin by Dan Brown is the fourth book I’ve got going. I’m 60% through it, but it’s pretty heavy reading to be honest.

Although I’m loving the story and heart Dan Brown’s books in general, I just needed to put it aside in favor of lighter reading for a bit.

I’m also loving the nonfiction book by Alison Weir, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, which incredibly thoroughly covers seemingly every aspect of life, and those of the main players, in the time of Henry VIII.

Like Until Friday Night, this book was ripped from my eyes by the library; however, I have another hold on it and I’m next in line to get it onto my loans list.

FINALLY – the book I’m actually actively reading is Murder, She Knit by Peggy Ehrhart. I made the silly mistake of requesting and being granted my wish to read this cozy mystery, which is the fourth book in the series!

I’m reading from book number one so I’ll know more of what’s going on before getting to the most recent book, Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, which takes place during Christmastime, making it perfect timing for a holiday read!

Recently Finished

Most recently, I’ve finished reading some short and sweet books, mainly to keep up with my Goodreads goal for the year; I’m still 12 books shy of my reading goal!

I’ve read and completed three books in the past couple of weeks – the Graphix edition of Boy-Crazy Stacey by Gale Galligan, The Voice on the Radio by Caroline B. Cooney, and Sisters by Raina Telgemeier.

Coming up

Well, there are tons of books I’d love to read immediately, but, with my six-book currently reading shelf, I believe I shall focus on those at this time – and probably for a while! I will, however, read shorter books in between the longer books, primarily to attempt reaching that Goodreads goal this year!

Checked out, Maggie


29 thoughts on “Large Library

  1. Six books at once is pretty ambitious. I think the most I’ve ever done at once were three.
    “The name of the wind” is still on my TBR pile and I think it might stay there a while. (I tried again to get into High Fantasy but I think at some point I will have to accept that some genres are just not for me. 🙊)
    I wish you great fun with your reads. I hope, you’ll make great progess. 😀


    1. Thank you so much! LOL! Six is definitely a record for me! I could almost get overwhelmed just looking at my currently reading shelf on GR! I’m surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far of The Name of the Wind; it’s nothing like I expected! I don’t read much high fantasy either, but I’m thinking Rothfuss’ book will leave me wanting more! Happy reading! 😀


  2. I read The Name of the Wind on a cruise when I had absolutely nothing else to do but lay by the pool – not sure I would have made it through the whole thing normally!


    1. Wow! Talk about a productive cruise! I bet that was amazing; I love reading on or beside the ocean! It’s going to take me a while to read it, but I know it’ll be so worth the effort! 😀


    1. LOL! I amaze myself sometimes – I was always a one-book girl and started blogging and everything changed! LOL! Cozies are so fun and Murder, She Knit is great so far!


  3. I’m in the middle of a Henry VIII book as well! What an interesting and temperamental man. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!


    1. Thanks so much, Sam! WWW Wednesday is so much fun! I love the community it attracts! I’m so interested in all things royalty and I’m learning stuff about Henry VIII and his wives that I never would have imagined to be true! I love historical nonfiction in general, but the royalty stuff fascinates me!


    1. LOL! I read that many at once by putting one or two on hold or a year and starting more books! LOL! I haven’t worked on The Fellowship of the Ring in ages, but I like to keep up with my progress on GR to keep from forgetting where I left off. Part of me wants to put books I’m not really actively reading back on my ‘to read’ list, but I’m afraid I’d never pick them back up because I’d forget about them! 😀


    1. I’m hearing so many amazing things about The Name the Wind! I’m so excited to get back to it! I’m not surprised it’s so good – it sucked me in quick and Rothfuss’ writing is awesome!


  4. I LOVED The Name of the Wind and the entire series. I have been waiting for years now for the next book in the series to come out. I hear the title is going to be Doors of Stone but there is STILL no release date. Aggh! Anyway, I hope you really enjoy it! Hopefully by the time you get to it, Doors of Stone will be available


  5. Murder, She Knit has such a cute cover! Looks like it’d be a really fun cozy mystery. I need to read Patrick Rothfuss’ series, too, but I’m really kind of holding off until the last book is released, because I’m sure I’m going to love it and I don’t want to join the crowd of people hopelessly waiting for eternity. xD Happy reading!


    1. Hi! Murder, She Knit is one of the best cozies I’ve read so far! I love it! I’m so glad Rothfuss is only doing a trilogy – the books are so long, but I have an excellent feeling they’ll be excellent! LOL! It’s so exciting waiting for the next/last book in a series to come out; reminds me of waiting for the Harry Potter books!


  6. This is so funny! I’ve been doing a thing on my blog going back and re-reading some nostalgic books from when I was a kid, and I just reviewed Boy-Crazy Stacey last weekend! I didn’t realize they were making them into graphic novels. I do hope you are enjoying The Name of the Wind – I adore Patrick Rothfuss.


    1. LOL! That is crazy about Boy-Crazy Stacey! I adore the graphic editions – highly recommend them! They stay true to the original stories and the illustrations are beyond great! The only thing that confuses me is that they skipped doing the 2nd book, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, in the Graphix editions! Anyhow, I love what little I’ve read of Rothfuss so far and just know I’ll love the rest of the book – it will definitely take me a bit to read it – it’s huge! LOL! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by! 😀


  7. Lovely post! I’m glad you’re enjoying Fellowship of the Ring – even though you’ve been reading it for a while! It honestly took me some time to finish Tolkien’s books, since they’re all so hefty! Haha! I hope you enjoy all the book you’ve currently got under your belt! ❤


  8. Six books! Wow! I aspire to reach that level one of these days. Recently I’ve been barely managing to finish even at least one book aaaa;;; Also seconding the many comments on that adorable Murder, She Knit cover! Sounds like the perfect cozy mystery to read in time for fall~


    1. LOL! Some of those six books I’m waiting to come back to me from the library, so I’m not technically actively reading them all. I mainly keep them all on my GR shelf to keep my place! Murder, She Knit’s story is as cute as that darling cover; maybe you’ll get a chance to read it someday! 😀


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