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The Night Circus

Just as I anticipated, The Night Circus was my favorite read of 2017. Yes, I read this beautiful book over two years ago – putting my feelings about this story into words has definitely proven difficult. So, I decided to open my heart and let the words flow at last!

What I Expected

  • Somehow, I knew before opening its beautiful cover that this would be a beautiful story
  • Typical circus fodder – clowns, acrobats, lion tamers, etc.
  • Maybe a bit of magic

What I Got

  • A gorgeous tale of fateful, true, never ending love
  • Such vivid descriptions, I felt like I was literally part of the story
  • Magic!

What I Thought

I fell into this book as though it was a proverbial rabbit hole – I was sucked in from the first sentence –

“The circus arrives without warning.”

I really enjoyed how the story jumps around through time and is also told from multiple viewpoints. Fortunately, these aspects were simple to follow, as the book is so extremely well-written.

Morgenstern’s words and the way in which she weaves them together are mesmerizing, to say the least. The author’s prose is truly indicative of the author’s talent.

I can even picture Morgenstern letting the ink flow from her feather-tipped fountain pen – the writing is seriously that good.

In addition to exemplary writing, The Night Circus features a mysterious – and epic – love story, that between Celia and Marco.

One of the least predictable books I’ve read in the past while, The Night Circus will transcend time, as does its story.

I feel like I’m getting all giddy and corny – I guess that’s how tingly and good this book made me feel!

A classic tale of forbidden, yet fated, love and expectations of a bitter feud, The Night Circus could totally pass as required reading!

The paperback edition I read, as pictured at the top of this post, is comprised of awesome, thick, off-white paper, which felt so good in my hands, urging my to turn each page as quickly as possible.

While the tale clocks in at 516 pages, I yearned for more story upon completing it. I recently learned that Morgenstern has another book, The Starless Sea, set to be published on November 5, 2019. While the book is not a sequel to The Night Circus, it is already intriguing and I cannot imagine not loving it as much as the first I read by Morgenstern.

I love that The Night Circus is a standalone, that there is simply no need for the tale to continue into a second or even a third book. The story finishes with a perfect landing and I very much look forward to reading more of Morgenstern’s work.

I went into reading The Night Circus with very high expectations – which were all met, plus more. I am simply blown away by Morgenstern’s writing style and I am beckoned to devour more of her work, which I undoubtedly shall.

5 stars – given with a standing ovation

Love and light, Maggie


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