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Get that smile going – it’s world smile day! In honor of today, guess what I’m writing about? You got it – SMILING! Personally, I love to smile, especially at strangers; you just never know who needs a smile in his/her life at any given time. A smile in my direction can certainly make my day!

I’m all about being kind to those who work in the service industry – cashiers always come to mind. It seems as though people who work in customer service in some form are the brunt of peoples’ bad days and I seek to ensure they get at least a smile from me.

In my hometown, there is an amazing barbecue restaurant. The only caveat to ordering at this particular eatery is that it often takes a decent amount of time for patrons’ orders to be filled, as everything is made-to-order. I recall an instance a few years ago in which the cashier of the day told me she was always so glad to see my smiling face. I proceeded to ask her if she often had rude customers – she did, of course. I just couldn’t imagine being rude and taking my bad mood out on someone serving me!

No one in their right mind enjoys a sourpuss! It bothers me when certain people seemingly refuse to smile. I’m reminded of many of the girls in my crappy high school class who constantly had resting bitch face and would not return smiles even if their lives depended on it!

A girl in particular comes to mind when I think of NOT smiling – a bitch in my class – thank God I’m out of high school – would apparently smile at everyone EXCEPT ME! I finally gave up smiling at her, as she would always get this weird look on her face and roll her eyes if I attempted to behave cheerily toward her. As far as I know, she hates me – literally – to this day. I will never forget her hateful personality.

I feel that even if someone is gorgeous, one’s looks are incredibly tarnished when a frown is consistently worn by them. People who aren’t necessarily the most attractive on the outside are made beautiful with simple smiles.

I remember being a frowner as a child until my mom told me how unbecoming a perma-frown is. I honestly didn’t realize how much I did not smile until Mom told me that! Ever since that day, I’ve at the very least worn a grin, even when I don’t necessarily feel like it – I’d rather make others feel good, which in turn causes me to feel better.

Here are a few of the things that make me smile 😀

  • Beautiful weather, especially blue skies and cold air
  • The changing colors of leaves in autumn
  • An excellent book – hell, books in general!
  • Libraries, bookstores, the scent of books, etc.
  • Candles
  • Animals, especially when I can win over the affection of cats!
  • Being smiled at 😀
  • Bright, bold, saturated colors
  • Sports, especially NCAA basketball and football
  • Swimming
  • The scents of summer [sunscreen, chlorine in the pool]
  • My babies
  • My love
  • …and LOTS more stuff!

So, in honor of world smile day, paste a smile onto your beautiful face, refuse to frown – even if you’re down!

:D, Maggie


4 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. World Smile Day? I only know that today is World Animal Day. That’s acutally something we learn is elementary school around here. πŸ˜…
    I had a great meeting with a doggo today that made me smile. It was a young black setter, already quite big, and he wanted shmackos from me and tried chewing my jacket sleeve, he was so excited. πŸ˜„


    1. LOL! I also heard today is National Taco Day! I reckon everything has its day now! That is so precious about the sweet doggie; what perfect timing for World Animal Day AND World Smile Day! πŸ˜€


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