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Blogging in October

Hey, y’all! This month, I’m participating in my first ever Ultimate Blog Challenge, during which I shall – attempt – to post EVERY SINGLE DAY throughout October! I’m really excited about this challenge, as I need a push to post much more often!

I’m really looking forward to the free training that’s happening this afternoon regarding blogging! What I love about this challenge is how laid back it is – the host stresses that it isn’t necessary to give up if participants miss posting a day; however, I seriously hope I can make it through! I’ve got a few post ideas for the month and actually have two scheduled – YAY!

Although I would LOVE to participate in ALL of the amazing October challenges, I decided the UBC would fit best with my schedule. I have SO many books on my plate right now, it’s really impossible for me to cram in Halloween-y books this month, which gives me a frowny face! 😦

I love reading y’all’s October posts – fall is my absolute favorite time of year, although it’s already at least 90 degrees today – and it’s still morning! I live in Tennessee and we practically have two seasons – summer and winter! LOL! I just hope it cools off in time for Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday! My family typically gathers outside for the day and I’d love to NOT be burning up near the end of November!

I am getting a bit Halloween-y this month, however. I’ve got some spooky, err, one scheduled thus far, reviews to share, which makes me smile! 😀 I also have plans to write about my own experiences and thoughts about Halloween!

I’ll be taking my boys out trick-or-treating this year; my four-year-old wants to be Jason of Friday the 13th fame! LOL! He learned about the character by watching YouTube, so I’ve had to cut his YouTube time back big time and monitor what he watches!

Anyhow, I’m really excited about my own Halloween costume – jeans and an adorable orange Jack-o-Lantern print shirt! It’s so cute, if I say so myself! I don’t know what my itty bitty boy will be – something adorable, for sure!

Other than blogging and reading plans, what are y’all doing for Halloween?

Lovely blogging, Maggie


6 thoughts on “Blogging in October

  1. Halloween and Thanksgiving is not a thing over here, so I don’t have any holidays to look forward to until Christmas. But I will definitely watch “Nightmare before Christmas” at least five times and sing “This is Halloween” on top of my lungs. 😂
    Every day in October is quite ambitious. I don’t think that I could come up with so many posts but I wish you good luck and look forward to see what you are posting about. 🙂


    1. Thanks a bunch! I love that you love Halloween even though it’s not celebrated where you are! I love The Nightmare before Christmas too! I need all the luck I can get! I’m still trying to figure out what to post for tomorrow! LOL!


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