Bagged, Vol. One

Have y’all ever been curious about what exactly a person is hauling around in his or her purse or another bag? Have y’all seen those features in so many magazines that showcase the contents of the bags of celebrities? I certainly say yes to both questions!

So, I decided to empty out my own pocketbook and let y’all see the kind of crap [LOL] I carry around every day! Seriously, the bigger the bag, the more stuff I think I must keep with me at all times.

First of all is the bag I’m currently carrying – I LOVE swapping out purses in favor of those of different colors, textures, sizes, and pattern – often. Below is the purse I’m using now – a genuine leather Banana Republic – that my Mom gave me YEARS ago!

I have really gotten into keeping bags within my bag in order to somewhat keep up with where my stuff is actually located inside. In the past, even with small purses, I’ve found it difficult to locate just what I need at the time quickly.

At this time, I’m carrying an adorable bag by Key-Per, in which I keep two pairs of sunglasses, my actual glasses – just in case my contacts come out and I have no backup pairs -, and my prescription sunglasses. I never know what my eyes will require, so I just carry it all!

Also in my bag is a black-and-white polka dot mini-bag by Betsey Johnson, one of my favorite designers ever, which holds everything else, virtually, in my purse! LOL!

Some of my must-haves include Chap-Stick – right now my flavor is candy cane! – my keys, moisturizer, lighters, roll-on perfume with flowers floating in its tube, must-have black mascara and concealer, Doublemint gum [it reminds me of my Grandmother, as she ALWAYS had a pack], and my favorite – a worry doll for good measure!

I carry a mini-notebook in my Betsey bag too, as well as pens, if I can manage to snag one or ten!

My all-time favorite pocketbook accessory is my Vinnie’s Tampon Case! LMFAO! It’s so discreet yet screams period! It just cracks me up – I wish I could remember where I got it!

And there you have it, y’all – the current contents of my purse! I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing my stuff and I’d love to see yours! If you have a post similar to this, please leave a link in the comments!

Carry On, Maggie

9 thoughts on “Bagged, Vol. One

    1. Thanks so much – it’s one of my favorites – very durable too! I LOVE my tampon case and would probably kill someone over it! LOL! Definitely YES for lips – that lip mask sounds amazing!


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