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Bagged, Vol. Two

I love to change up bags often, not only pocketbooks themselves, but wallets, cosmetic bags, and cases as well. Not long ago, I posted pictures of the bag I was carrying at the time in volume one of Bagged. Anyhow, the purse I was using holds lots of stuff – crap, if you will – and I soon grew tired of carrying so much said crap.

Therefore, I downsized to my current pocketbook, a green leather number decorated with stitched, beaded patches, by Sam Edelman. This particular bag holds SO much less than does my previous satchel, forcing me to bare down to the essentials. I realized I didn’t need to carry so much with me constantly, which was a tough conclusion to which to arrive!

I love the bag’s appliques – I just regret that some of the beading has come loose on the golden star; however, this fact does not interrupt its kitschy charm. I can’t decide whether the fish is a koi or catfish…I’m leaning toward koi, but my son says catfish – what do y’all think?

Love, Maggie


2 thoughts on “Bagged, Vol. Two

  1. With my bad I could spontaniously leave the country. 😂 I love having everything with me, I’m prepared for all eventualities. But I get that most people don’t want to chuck around a 10kg bag all the time.
    The colours make me lean more towards Koi, I think. 🤔


    1. That is hilarious! I really need to carry 3 or 4 bags at a time to have everything I really want with me at all times! I agree about the fish being a Koi;I’m just going to let my son think it’s a catfish! LOL!


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