Well, here I am – again! Once more, I had chosen to take a break from – and possibly end – my blogging ‘career.’

However, I’ve missed writing so very much – I can’t seem to get into the habit of journaling and seriously need some sort of creative outlet.

Therefore, here I am, Maggie, former curator of both The Novel Orange and The Caramel Files!

For some reason, I like the citrus theme and have thus returned to it. While I focused on candy and sweetness at The Caramel Files, I feel as though I’m returning to my blogging roots with The Literary Lime.

So, what’s this f***ing blog ABOUT?!

I’m imagining myself writing often about books – as in reviews, opinions, and other stuff like memes and tags, both of which I love!

I also want to write creatively and maybe even come up with some kind of something original and cool. I’d love to host a reading event, but, wow, those bloggers hosting events put in SO much hard work.

Truthfully, I love blogging, especially meeting such amazing people in the blogging community in general. While not everyone I have ‘met’ in the blogging world has been kind, a lot of people, mostly in the book blogging niche, are incredibly amazing and considered to be among my kindred spirits.

My true opinions often remain in my head – I’ve been harassed online a few too many times for voicing what I seriously think. I can understand why super vulnerable people can be driven to suicide as a result of online bullying.

I’m not saying I was ever thinking of harming myself while being ostracized by some groups, but, I might have had I not taken care of myself and made empathetic friends in the bookish community.

I feel like I could totally go on a rant here – just because I want to WRITE. I don’t want to be negative or bring up sh*t from the past in this, my initial – duh – post here at The Literary Lime!

I’m disappointed I forgot all about the 2019 A to Z Blogging Challenge, especially since participating would have been an awesome way to jump back into blogging.

Oh, well – I can’t handle starting late – I’ve missed too many letters now; but, there’s always 2020! I should really start planning my posts for next April now!

Anyhow, I don’t want to inundate y’all with every detail of my regular and blogging lives! Until next time – and it’s great to be back – again!

Getting in the groove, Maggie

2 thoughts on “Cheerio!

    1. Hi! Thank you for being the first visitor to my latest blog! LOL! Thanks so much also for your kind words – I’m hoping my skin is a bit tougher this time around – I think it will be, as this is my third go at blogging! I’m so glad to be back – now just to get past this writer’s block! Ha! Good luck to you, sweetie! 😀


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