Return of the Mag

Well, hello yet again! Since my initial re-introduction post way back in the spring, I’m seriously hopeful that blogging will officially become part of my life once again.

Looking back, I took a huge blogging hiatus primarily due to finances; I had deluded myself into thinking that in order to have an amazing blog it needed to have all the best bells and whistles. Luckily, I have [almost] convinced myself that extra tools are not necessarily necessary to generate content of which I am proud.

Anyhow, I’m working [hard] on squelching my OCD tendencies to get back to one of my most favorite things ever – WRITING! Reading is one of my passions; therefore, I’m planning to blog about all things bookish, with some additional writings sprinkled throughout.

I’m one of those all-or-none people, you may say – if I don’t feel that something, in this instance, any form of post isn’t PERFECT, there is zero point to it all. I’m coming to realize that if I don’t START then I’ll NEVER FINISH!

So, a big goal of mine with this blogging redo is to just let go and WRITE! [I’m trying my best to do this now!] Since y’all are so obviously dying to know [LOL] what I plan to do here at The Wispy Reader, I’m going to utilize prompts for a bit or forever to get my posts up and going on the regular.

See what I did in the previous paragraph? I wrote ‘on the regular’ as opposed to ‘on a regular basis’, which I feel is grammatically correct. However, I actually say ‘on the regular’ in real life, so why not put my real personality and vernacular out there?!

I’ve kept journals of various types off and on practically my entire life – I still have all of those journals and am very proud of them, especially when I would create entries based on a stream-of-consciousness style. I should probably employ this style in my writing here, my hub, as I seem to write better [and faster] when I let the words simply flow.

Be forewarned – I shall be posting older book reviews in addition to new ones. I have chosen to do this not only in order to get my latest blogging endeavor off the ground, but to share with y’all my favorite bookish opinions, maybe with a little tweaking since the original postings.

OK, so, this it completely off-topic, but what’s up with spell-check?! It really aggravates me, trying to be all like ‘you need to do it THIS WAY’ instead of writing in my OWN TRUE VOICE!

Anyhow, as that was totally random, as perhaps this entire post is, I shall attempt to gather myself and return to my re-intro into the world of bookish blogging!

Well, I’m going blank on what to write next, but I believe this post is long enough for y’all to recognize that I have blogged and will blog again! 😀

In conclusion, hello to all the [hopeful] followers/readers I will come to know and I’M BACK to all the bloggers/readers that I have known!

Back again, Maggie

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