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The Lovely Bones

I read Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones soon after its release in September 2006 – which is mind-blowing! What else is mind-blowing is how greatly excited I was to read The Lovely Bones. The book’s title makes it sound macabre and disturbing – sadly, it was neither.

What I Expected

  • A mystery regarding one of my favorite, if not creepy, subjects
  • A fantastic introduction to a new-to-me-at-the-time author
  • Riding an emotional roller coaster as I read

What I Got

  • Thus far, this book has the WORST ending I have ever read
  • A vow to myself to NEVER read Alice Sebold’s work ever again
  • A great story…until the ridiculous ending

What I Thought

Well, prior to picking up Sebold’s The Lovely Bones, I was excited to read it. I read the synopsis, heard good reviews from people I know, and was interested in the premise. I expected the book’s entire story line would be nice and creepy, something I wouldn’t want to read alone or in the dark.

The novel started out with a bang, introducing readers to a doomed little girl, Susie Salmon. Fourteen-year-old Susie meets her untimely end fairly early in the book.

Susie then moves on to Heaven, where she observes those she knew in her waking life as they experience turmoil, questions, and ultimately searching for closure due to her too early demise.

Then the story gets silly. I don’t want to spoil the ending for new readers, but it just gets absolutely ridiculous. One must suspend disbelief to get through the end, which I was unable to do. I skimmed the last chapters and put the book down upon finishing it and stared at it with incredulity.

How is it possible for a story I had so been looking forward to reading begin so intriguingly well, sucking me in from the very start, only to horribly disappoint me?

Needless to say, I will not be reading any more of Sebold’s work.

1 generous star

Hideously disappointed, Maggie


2 thoughts on “The Lovely Bones

  1. I hope you enjoy your next reads a lot more! I’ve never read the book but I have seen the Lovely Bones movie… I remember being really unnerved by Stanley Tucci as the serial killer.


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