I Am Your Sunshine

I swear, the bookish blogging community is so sweet and generous! Although I only returned to blogging after a nearly year-long hiatus, I have been nominated by two separate and amazing bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I am truly humbled to have been nominated and tagged by E. from Local Bee Hunter's Nook and… Continue reading I Am Your Sunshine

Emotional Roller Coasters

Having had intense anxiety my entire life - I can remember feeling anxious throughout much of childhood - has honestly held me back from being the best I could have been, but it has also taught me a lot about myself. Along with anxiety, I have experienced intense depression. My depression has admittedly been bad… Continue reading Emotional Roller Coasters

Views from the Stand

I was a lifeguard for six summers back in the day. My lifeguard training class was very competitive and awesome; I learned the perfect way to swim freestyle, thanks to our wonderfully hilarious and tough instructor, Cheri, may God rest her soul. Being a lifeguard made my summers throughout high school and some of college;… Continue reading Views from the Stand