I Am Your Sunshine

I swear, the bookish blogging community is so sweet and generous! Although I only returned to blogging after a nearly year-long hiatus, I have been nominated by two separate and amazing bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I am truly humbled to have been nominated and tagged by E. from Local Bee Hunter's Nook and… Continue reading I Am Your Sunshine

Synopsis Free

Synopses of books = spoilers for me. I don't even read summaries on hardcover jackets or the backs of soft cover books. I feel like too many plot points are given away if I read synopses/summaries. I do adore reading reviews - they are generally spoiler-free and I really enjoy seeing others' opinions of both… Continue reading Synopsis Free

Confessions of a Book Blogger

Hey, y'all! I got into the mood to hunt down a variety of fun tags to complete, so, naturally, I did a Google search and found many! This tag allows the writer to be completely honest regarding his/her blogging and reading preferences and habits. The only requirement is for one to be TOTALLY HONEST when… Continue reading Confessions of a Book Blogger

Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

So, I was literally tagged to do this in spring 2018 - and now, here I sit, typing up the post in September 2019! LOL! First of all, I want to thank Sarah at The Book Hooked Nook for tagging me, oh, about a year-and-a-half ago! Seriously though, check out Sarah's blog - she's even… Continue reading Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag